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Dean Stojanovski



With a wealth of experience and his dedication in the Real Estate industry, Dean brings an engaging style and passion to the Quest Realty Team and to Sydney's West Residential and Commercial area's, he is also a great source of advice and knowledge for both vendors and purchasers.

His straightforward approach and unwavering professionalism have seen him consistently set new benchmarks, selling some of Sydney's finest residential and commercial places.

Over recent years Dean has been involved in a wide range of top end home sales and apartment developments, site acquisitions and project marketing assignments. He has a strong personal association with many of the leading businesses, developers and financiers.

Dean works tirelessly to promote the uniqueness of each home and to build a marketing campaign that is just as individual. He works closely with clients to keep them well informed by providing information on market trends, purchasing opportunities or changes that may have an effect on buying or selling decisions, often even years after the sale process has concluded.

"Buying or selling a place is an emotional time, and my role is to be there every step of the way to offer advice and make the experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible for all concerned".

Over the years, many of Dean's clients have become and remain true friends, testament to his calm, supportive approach, all designed to ensure that you achieve the result you want.....the best possible price.

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